In U2’s voice: “Californyuuhhh”
September 7, 2022


It was January 2019 since I was last in California. And I was only there for like, a day and a half. Flew out for the weekend during my birthday and there, I got my second professionally done tattoo: the “I love you to the bones” tattoo I drew some years ago that’s on my right thigh. It was embarrassing how ridiculously… *moist* I got from the tattoo session. So much I had to go to the bathroom to clean myself up. ANYWAY…….

I knew right away if I was going to fly to the other side of the country, I might as well stay a while and visit a couple different cities. I always try to get the best bang for my buck, no matter what I do. Life can be too short if one is not careful, and I actually want to stay alive, experience and learn more.

I decided to start my trip in Sacramento and make my way down to Los Angeles while hitting San Francisco in between. Getting there though, to Sacramento, was a whole trip in itself.

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Boy oh boy oh boy…
August 1, 2022


     What can I say. Going on that cruise was definitely a learning experience. Not that it was hard or difficult to do. Trust me, lounging in the sun in a sexy swimsuit, rocking out to live Caribbean pan music while knitting, trying to satisfy my 4-drinks-a-day quota, is very very easy.

     The most difficult part was realizing how little I felt like I was doing to contribute to the countries and indigenous peoples I was visiting. I was thinking to myself how thankful I am towards them for allowing us to enter their space and teach us but then I realized that the reality is most likely that we are entering their space and paying them to provide and perform tourist attractions.

     Disclaimer: This is all based on one trip I had with one cruise line and ship. I’m no expert on cruise ships or anything to do with them.

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