“Hey, I just got here!”

I can fly to you if you would rather show me the sights of your city.

I haven’t done a lot of traveling in my life… I think it would be fun to have a loved one show me around!

Alternatively, you can request my visit to your state/city!


The Details:

FMTYs are available only for established friends (at least 1 incall).

I can be in your arms from Monday to Wednesday.

Within a 24 hour period, the minimum daily engagement is for 5 hours. After 24 hours, the minimum engagement time is 2 hours. The 5 hours do not have to be spent all at one time or day.

The base rate is $3,500/5 hours

The base rate excludes the cost of travel (flight & ride-shares), hotel, and my time, which we will refer to as “travel expenses”.

”Travel expenses” will be determined during the booking process.

Please keep in mind that I will need to be at the airport 2 hours before my flight is to depart. Therefore, our time begins at first greeting and lasts up to until 3 hours before I need to be at the airport. I will need 1 hour for preparation to leave for the airport.

Some examples:
• If I arrive Monday 12p and my flight leaves Tuesday 7p, during that 16 hour period, I would love to have your company for at least 5 hours.
• If I am in your care for 30 hours, I would appreciate if we could get at least 7 hours of quality time.
• During a 48 hour time period, I require engagements of at least 10 hours in total.


$3,500/5 hours
+ travel expenses

after 24 hours



• Deposits are equal to the cost of “travel expenses”, and are required at the time of booking the dates/flights/hotel.
Deposits are non-refundable based on your cancellation.
Deposits are accepted through CashApp or Venmo.
• The donation should be in an envelope and taken care of at the start of our meeting, after we hug & kiss “hello”.




Thank you for your time and patience!