You probably know a little bit about me… and the fact that I can’t help myself from buying cute underwear, especially during Victoria Secret’s Pink’s Panty Hauls! And as much as I would like to keep and wear every pair forever, it would simply be impossible to store them.

So, I had an idea! I know I have some lovers who would love a pair of my “personally-perfumed” panties. Yes, that is what we are calling them!

I made a chart to help you decide which pair you’d like to purchase!
This chart will be updated as each sale occurs.

Every pair has a base rate of $50 with each day of wear with a surcharge.
For example, one pair worn for 2 days would be $85 ($50 + $35)

Payment is preferred through CashApp ($kittenkam) or Venmo (@itskamryndet)

Let me know if you need to tip through OnlyFans as a payment!
Just please remember to add an extra 20% to compensate for what the site takes from each tip/subscription.

If buying more than one, please specify how many days for which pair. Thank you!